The similarities between fracking and wind turbine resistance

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Info leaflet from Midlands Alliance against industrial Windfarms
and info about the dangers/accidents at various power sources

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Key concerns:
– impact on landscape: 2450 turbines of heights and scale never before seen on land in Europe
– significantly outdated Wind Energy guidelines
– night noise limit of 43 db is well above world health Organisation limit
– set back distances from homes originate from times when turbine heights were 50 m or less.

There is NO EU overall legislation.
Set back distances in the Netherlands is 350 m, in other countries like Germany and France approx. 1500 m and 3000 m.
– Each turbine costs a minimum of € 6 m. (unliky to paid back to the Irish economy until 2020.
– Ireland’s obligations under the Aarhus Convention have been ignored (rights for public participation in environmental decision making)

A pilot project on the Aran Island

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But wind turbines can set fire and are vulnerable to damage after storms

windturbine in fire and people

Two Dutch young man who couldn’t escape the fire.

Wind turbines are vulnerable to damage during storms. After the storms from last week, damaged had to be repaired and various wind turbines set fire.
Here in English
A surprisingly large number of wind turbines are involved in accidents around the world. Most of them are blades falling off, turbines collapsing, or nacelles burning down to a skeleton (400 – 800 litres of burning oil are not easy to extinguish, especially as firemen rarely have ladders long enough for these >100-meter long contraptions). Some human deaths have been reported.
A record is being kept at Caithness Windfarm Information Forum.

Please note that Ireland wish to build windfarms in the midlands, with turbines up to 170 meters high
Here a video with the burning turbine, see the two young man (19 and 21) at the blades.

News in Dutch:
And more fire in windturbines after the storm, google and you find a similar accident in Germany, near Magdenburg! costs: 1.2 million euro!