Good Energy, Bad Energy

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Good energy, bad energy, new REPORT from FOE international

‘Good Energy, Bad Energy: Transforming our energy system for people and the planet’ brings together:
– our critique of the energy system and current destructive energy sources*
– some initial ideas from FoEI around what a just, sustainable, climate-safe energy system could look like
–¬† some initial thoughts about how to bring about the transition of the energy system

*Coal, oil, gas, nuclear, industrial agrofuels and biomass, mega hydro-electricity, and waste to energy incineration.

Our vision for a new energy system is guided by the idea of energy sovereignty.  This is the right of people to have access to energy, and to choose sustainable energy sources and sustainable consumption patterns that will lead them towards sustainable societies.
The report puts forward our top priorities for the energy transition, including investment in locally-appropriate, climate-safe, affordable and low impact energy for all; reducing energy dependence so that people don’t need much energy to meet their basic needs and live a good life; an end to new destructive energy projects and phase out existing destructive energy sources; and tackling the trade and investment rules that are impeding the energy transition, all the while ensuring that the rights of affected communities and workers are respected and that their needs are provided for.
In order to make this a reality we believe it is essential to challenge the corporate influence over our governments and exert real democratic control over the energy transition so that the needs and interests of ordinary people and the planet take priority over private profit.

The full report (64 pages) and summary (8 pages) can be downloaded at:

We are launching the report as part of the Reclaim Power month of action: the coming together of a global alliance of movements, networks and NGOs to raise public awareness about energy issues and climate change and to fight for a new energy system:

This is our initial contribution as FoEI to the energy discussions amongst international social movements and civil society and we hope that colleagues in the climate justice movement will find it useful in moving forward our collective strategies and analysis.