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F F OR FRweegschaal 2
Make up your mind!


Frogs, Farmers or Frackers?

Welcome to all who wish to make up their mind on unconventional shale gas extraction, a method known as hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’.

Fracking Free Ireland is a comprehensive non-blog information and service site.

It provides information on local, national and international hydraulic fracturing related issues ranging from political issues, academic reports and research, media and press articles to local news and newsletters.
The newsletters provide an extensive round-up of the latest news. We also provide a service for those who are opposed to hydraulic fracturing by supplying downloadable posters, flyers and presentations, template letters and links to petitions for signing.

Made up your mind?
Do you feel that the frogs should be in, do you prefer Farming to Fracking? Ireland should be Guranteed Fracking Free for now and in the future?

Write a Letter to the Minister of Energy, Pat Rabbitte and call for a ban on fracking in Ireland and sign the petition. (hard copy) and/or Sign the AVAAZ online petition:
Adopt and promote our logo’s: Keep Ireland Fracking Free and GURANTEED FRACKING FREE