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A Chara,

Vote_on_EU_US_Trade_Deal_Postponed Warning_of_Threat__to_Livelihoods_of_70_000_Irish_Farmers TTIP – Irish farmers journal Irish_Law_must_not_be_undermined_by_EU_USA_Trade_AgreementWarning_of_Threat__to_Livelihoods_of_70_000_Irish_FarmersTTIP – Irish farmers journalIrish_Law_must_not_be_undermined_by_EU_USA_Trade_Agreement

Thank you for your email regarding the TTIP which outlined some of your concerns about the proposed trade deal. There are many issues raised by different people and in this response I will deal with a core issue for many of those people, ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) and my view on it. Also, I would like to give you my opinion on how TTIP impacts Employment and Social Affairs which is my main Committee responsibility in the Parliament.
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Pro- shale Harvard University report

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Our researcher at Food & Water Watch in the US has been looking at the people involved.

The lead author Mr Michael E. Porter is associated with the American Council on Competitiveness … which has links to Shell, Exelon (natural gas distribution), US Steel, … all energy-intensive industries.

No surprise that they think that lots of gas and low gas prices help their companies.

Draft shale gas rural economy impacts paper

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Here it is – at last !!!!! The UK Gov redacted it in 63 places first time round.


Lancashire Concil voted to reject planning application for fracking

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Monday 29 June 2015The UK Lancs CC Dev Control Committee has voted NOT to have any HVHF pads in Lancashire at this time. Based on additional advice over the weekend.
The proposal for seismic arrays has also just been refused !

Cuadrilla can will go for an appeal and the SoS can overturn. Let’s hope they give up after fighting for 5 years. I suspect they will not after spending £175M. The Chancellor said last Sept he would ensure this happens!! So we need to prepare for the appeal to make sure that we make it impossible for Cuadrilla to drill and frack. That needs a very thorough preparation period and all technical aspects brought before the QCs who arte not technical and do not understand that visual impacts are permanent even after P&A and pad removal. This needs explain just why in great detail so they can make the legal case for DM2 and all other aspects


MASSIVE news just in – people power has stopped fracking in Lancashire. [1] Local residents, supported by thousands of us from across the UK, persuaded the council to vote down the frackers’ plans.

Lancashire Council voted to reject the planning application by 9 votes to 3. And without planning permission, fracking can’t happen.

If fracking had got the go-ahead there, it would have been a first foothold in the UK for this controversial and dirty industry. The oil and gas corporations were determined to make this happen. [2] David Cameron was determined to make it happen. [3] But instead, people power has won the day.

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Fracking applications rejected in Lancashire – EU commission stakeholder meeting

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Fracking applications rejected in Lancashire, UK, and an EU Commission stakeholder meeting

Just over a week ago we published our new briefing and detailed report looking at chemical pollution from fracking. It’s been a busy 10 days since publication, withinaccurate criticism of our report from the UK fracking industry, two decisions on fracking applications in Lancashire, UK, and an EU Commission stakeholder meeting.

Lancashire County Council have been deciding on two separate planning applications for fracking in the county, one at Roseacre Wood, the other at Preston New Road; both applications came from the UK-based company Cuadrilla Resources. Last week the councillors voted to reject the Roseacre Wood application, while yesterday they voted against the Preston New Road site. These votes have led to some questioning the future of fracking in the UK, but there is likely to be an appeal from Cuadrilla. CHEM Trust had sent copies of our report to the councillors prior to their discussions.

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Anti-fracking protesters picket councillors in Coleraine

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Anti-fracking protesters picket councillors in Coleraine

By David Young

Published 23/06/2015 | 09:04

A large group of protesters gathered outside a meeting of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council in Coleraine last night to protest against fracking at Ballinlea borehole in North Antrim

A large group of protesters gathered outside a meeting of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council in Coleraine last night to protest against fracking at Ballinlea borehole in North Antrim

Protesters alarmed at the prospect of possible fracking for oil on the North Coast have gathered outside Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council in Coleraine.

The demonstrators targeted the council as a meeting was being held inside last night.

The protest came after Rathlin Energy confirmed that it intends to drill a second exploratory borehole at Ballinlea near Ballycastle.

Local residents are concerned about the about the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing possibly being used on the site.

Earlier a company spokesman sought to allay fears.

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Fracking poses ‘significant’ risk to humans and should be temporarily banned across EU, says new report  

He said: “Rathlin Energy is still hoping to be able to extract any oil and gas it finds by a conventional drilling process. If for some reason that proves impossible, the company may in future consider hydraulic fracturing, but that’s a very, very long way off. Anything the company does will be subject to strict planning regulations.”

The Canadian-owned energy company has held the licence for oil and gas exploration in the North West since 2008.

During their initial explorations they found a small amount of oil.

Rathlin Energy has now completed further geological surveys and is in the process of finalising the location of their second exploration site.

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Oil and Gas Industry-Funded Website Off to Shaky Start

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Oil and Gas Industry-Funded Website Off to Shaky Start

Julie Dermansky is a new oil and gas industry-supported website whose mission is to challenge the negative public perception of fracking. That’s a tall order since public awareness and opposition to fracking is growing following the passage of a fracking ban in Denton, Texas, as well as a de-facto ban in New York and other high-profile efforts to protect public safety and water supplies by limiting or outright stopping the risky shale extraction technique in communities worldwide.
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RVu5a6JeeF4VddS8V4xcDh_v7b3N8Vx0ObxLS5OZ2b8Campaigner from Germany
i have done a new graphic on all these lobby and pr firms trying to
manage public perception in germany.

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