EU Energy Security Plan – letter to heads of state and myth buster

 EU’s Energy Security Plan, to be prepared by the European Commission by June 2014.
Reporter Geert de Cock
Based on the comments received, I revised the ‘myth buster’ document that outlines why more gas – wherever it comes from, however it is extracted – cannot be the answer to the current crisis in Ukraine and the outrageous foreign policy efforts of Russia.
  • No boost in domestic production of conventional gas, including from Norway to be expected
  • New pipelines from Russia and Caspian region that bypass Ukraine will not resolve energy security concerns.
  • The global LNG market is and will remain tight.
  • There will be no significant LNG exports from the US.
  • Fracking large areas in Europe is a really bad idea and will not generate significant amounts of gas.


The deadline for submissions is the 25th of April.  this site  might  be the EPA test site.

Click this link to access all of the documents relating to Rathlin Energy’s Ballinlea planning application:

Object again to drilling at Ballinlea!

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Rathlin Energy Ltd have finally submitted much more detailed information to the Planning Service (upon request) about what they intend to do at the proposed Ballinlea drilling site. It includes more detail about the processes including the Conventional Hydraulic Fracturing, Mini Fall-off test and Acid Squeeze test, and more information about the expected levels and directions of toxic emissions from the flaring of gas, which is particularly concerning to people living within half a mile. Continue reading




Which MEP/politicians are against fracking? Fracking Free Ireland did follow them and recorded their position on fracking  and how they voted last years. Read more here
How did our MEP’s vote in general? Find out at vote watch
Which politicians say that they are against fracking but don’t wish to have that written in stone?
Which politicians are genuine reliable anti frackers and did sign the DECLARATION?

Frogs, Farmers or Frackers? ….Mep’s, candidates, politicians….

People of Ireland, make up your mind!

Please find an updated list of Irish and NI MEP’s/candidates below with contact details  and if theywhether or not  signed the declaration
Use google for twitter accounts

A full  overview of European MEP’s/candidates who did sign the declaration you will find on the FFE website.


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Paul Murphy – first Irish Frack Free MEP


Paul Murphy is the first of ALL MEP’s who signed the declaration and has become the first FRACK FREE MEP. Congratulations!
An overview of all ROI/NI MEP/candidates with contact details (in progress):

He will receive the Frack Free Europe badge soon

Full list (signed declaration)

Paul Murphy, Martina  Anderson, Nessa Childers, Pat the Cope Gallagher,
Diarmuid O’Flynn, Eamon Ryan (Greens)

List of supporting, not signed the declaration , Ross Brown (Green Party NI), Brid Smith (People before Profit, councillor Dublin City))

declaration Paul Murphy

Fracking pledge Paul Murphy

Martina Anderson signed today as well

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