ANTI FRACKING ACTION CAMP : BELCOO, FERMANAGH // meeting in belcoo tomorrow!!/tractor run


Sunday 3 August – Anti-Fracking Tractor Run from Belcoo to Enniskillen, the bigger, the better, so get inviting. Contact PJ McGrath if interested. Time: 12.00

action camp

action 8-11 august


Participants in the Britain and Ireland Frack Free & No Fracking Ireland networks will be traveling to Belcoo to support the Belcoo Protection Camp on Friday 8th of August and remaining in the environs until Monday 11th August. We invite all who support the campaign to ban fracking on the island of Ireland to join us. Continue reading

Call to Boycott the Fermanagh Herald

Statement from some members of the No Fracking Ireland Network : Call
to Boycott the Fermanagh Herald

Tamboran Resources are presently making full scale preparations for
test drilling at Belcoo in Fermanagh. The community in the surrounding
area, both north and south of the border have not been consulted with
on this …issue in any meaningful way.

We propose to those against the Fracking companies gaining a toe-hold
on the Island of Ireland that we initiate an immediate boycott of the
Fermanagh Herald as a result of their carrying a massive paid two page
advertorial from Tamboran Resources in the latest issue of the paper.
We can do without newspapers due to online and social media. We cannot
do without fresh clean water. Lines must be drawn. Continue reading

Dumping Rigs in the Gulf of Mexico

bring back the gulf

BOOK IN PDF – bringbackthegulf-layout-7-24-14-lores

“Bring Back the Gulf”, a new book released today by The Ocean Foundation and The Herbert W. Hoover Foundation, exposes the dangerous misconceptions being promoted by Big Oil as it tries to fool the American public about the merit of dumping abandoned oil rigs into the Gulf of Mexico, and soon, off of the California coast. US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell is currently reconsidering how best to deal with the upcoming tidal wave of rig decommissioning in the Gulf of Mexico. How many rigs dumped into the Gulf to help oil industry profits is enough?  We think we’ve reached that threshold.

You can now download the eBook in both Kindle and iPad versions at:

BOOK IN PDF – bringbackthegulf-layout-7-24-14-lores

Please help spread the word, the fate of all of America’s coastal waters is ultimately in the balance! Continue reading

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screenshot once it is brokenThe evidence is here, there, everywhere!
This website aims to be a source for everyone who is concerned, wants to learn more about the invasion of fracking, in Ireland, in Europe…… all over the world!

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