Joint Committee final report: A step closer to ban fracking – back doors to frack Ireland are still open

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Joint Committee final report:–FINAL.pdf

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The ‘F’ word is not a dirty one in North West = A pro regulator

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The ‘F’ word is not a dirty one in North West

Dr Ruairi Hanley refuses to accept that Ireland cannot get its act together on fracking

Dr Ruari Hanley

Dr Ruairi Hanley believes that with proper safeguards and regulation, fracking could hold massive potential for the hard-hit regions of Leitrim, West Cavan and Fermanagh
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The trick of Fine Gael

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Fine Gael and the Bill

Back in October, the Dáil voted to ban fracking. Total ban. End of story…. But sadly it’s not the end of the story. This article in the current Phoenix describes the trickery that FG and civil servants have been using to delay the Bill’s passage through committee stage. After that is still has to go back to the Dáil for another vote and then the Seanad.

Fracking Irleand New Alert (12) – CETA vote 15 Feb. 2017

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newsletter alert

Fracking Ireland NewsAlert

CETA – email MEP’s NOW ( before Wed 15 Feb)

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All info here:
Click on the link and contact the MEP’s who haven’t signed the pledge!
Or email:;;;;

and  say ” I,……………, (address)……….., hereby ask you not to vote for Ceta on my behalf this Wednesday 15th of February, 2017. ”



Minutes of Joint Committee meeting -not on Oireachtas website

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Minutes of Joint Committee meeting from DEC 6th 2016 – minutes confirm that the Fracking Bill is with the Select Committee (supposed to be) rather than the Joint Committee (141 -2). These minutes are not available on Oireachtas website, only internally within Leinster House…
 The Joint Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment has now been forced to backtrack on what it was initially supposed to be doing with the Prohibition of the Exploration and Extraction of Onshore Petroleum Bill 2016
Initially the Joint Committee said it was going to undertake a detailed scrutiny (including a public consultation) of the provisions of this bill.
Now the Joint Committee is just talking about:

ii) Policy issues arising from:

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CDM smith and EPA statements and presentation – 31 Jan, joint committee

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hooper presentation

Opening Statement – CCAE J09 – DEpt of CCAE

Hooper Presentation

Hooper Statement

EPA – UGEE Integrated Synthesis_web

Full recording of committee meeting in the Dáil yesterday. (31 Jan 2017)

Fracking Matters Newsletter- Back the Bill

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