Fermanagh Protest, the day the Frackers Came, July 21st 2014

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Mary-Jo Mullarkey
A sad day for the island of Ireland, a sad picture of our ” western democracy” and a sad fact that fracking has already been proved to be dangerous. No need to wait to see if it’s safe – it’s not.


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Full video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTGPMCGiJyc&feature=share

Song:  approx. 18 min. My love will not die for Ireland, Tears in my eyes for Ireland.
Video impression and poemhttp://fermanaghherald.com/2014/07/video-anti-fracking-activists-protest-at-drilling-site/

protest 2

Source: Ban Fracking Fermanagh facebook
I would like to share an eyewitness report from Enniskillen this morning. Richard was at the quarry in Belcoo last night. As always the beautiful poetry and inspiring speeches did not make the news coverage.
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Information leaflet re. permitted development rights and environmental assessment

info leaflet


Tamboran Resources (UK) Limited notified DOE Planning Service yesterday (21 July)  of the company’s intention to drill an exploratory borehole in County Fermanagh to collect rock samples.  Under planning rules, this type of exploratory drilling may fall under “Permitted Development” but this will be a matter for DOE Planning Service to consider and decide on. Continue reading

TAMBORAN’s first move to fracking

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Source: Ban Fracking Fermanagh  https://www.facebook.com/BanFrackingFermanaghCampaign

Tamboran have made their first move in the night and a convoy has arrived at the ‘back quarry’ of the Acheson & Glover site to install fencing and construct a concrete pad for a drill rig, which is reportedly not yet on site (see photos +map below, +btw. it is our understanding that this part of the quarry is no longer owned by A&G). A local resident met the convoy at the double corners near Letterbreen at 5am this morning, found out it was heading to Acheson & Glover back quarry and alleges it was escorted by police; local PSNI have been asked about that and have come back to us saying they did not escort the convoy but rather met it on the road. Tamboran’s notification of local residents amounted to a letter, dropped through a very small number of letterboxes this morning in Belcoo, stipulating that they have permission to drill on that site. People are expected to gather peacefully at the site tonight @7pm – that’s the back quarry, at Cleggan – so please pass along the word. Continue reading

21 July – LETTER Tamboran to locals – Security preparations at Belcoo site

21 JULY 2014
BBC  news – Tamboran: Fracking company plans ‘exploratory borehole’ in Fermanagh - http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-28401985

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bbcWhat is going on?

Source:Love Leitrim
Tamboran have occupied a quarry owned by Acheson+Glover this morning. As they entered the site this morning as early as 5:30 am they woke residents and presented them with notification that they plan to drill an approximately 150 mm x 750m deep bore hole to extract core samples. They now have workmen and equipment on site with security set up at the entrance. Tamboran have notified the Department of Environment DOE in Northern Ireland of their intention to drill. They must screen the notification to see whether planning permissions is required under environmental assessment legislation. I have been told by the Petroleum Affairs Division that the Irish Government will accept the outcome of the drilling as part of the southern Irish work programme. This means that this drilling may as well be taking place in the republic of Ireland
Source: a campaigner

DOE have confirmed today that they have received notification from Tamboran that they wish to carry carry out development under Permitted Development Rights (PDR). The DOE has to screen the notification form/application from Tamboran (carry out an assessment under EIA regulations) to see is the work that Tamboran are proposing to carry out under PDR allowed in the first place, or will they (Tamboran) have to apply for planning permission instead.

Tamboran do not have permission to do anything here at the moment
It is not correct that all the necesseray permissions are granted … as stated in their letter (see below)  Continue reading

Acheson and Glover comment on Tamboran drilling & released letter

Read comment  ‘ Co- responsibility ‘ by the Gas man Cometh – http://thegasmancometh.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/co-responsibility/

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Acheson and Glover released the following letter today (21st July) as news broke of the arrival of Tamboran Resources’ drilling equipment, which will be used for drilling an exploratory borehole at the Acheson and Glover Quarry at Belcoo, County Fermanagh. Continue reading