Election 2016 – final result, overview at a glance

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overview election 2016A very handy tool





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Election 2016 – seats taken – How the three main parties lost their stranglehold on Irish politics – in just a decade

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election seatsimg2.thejournal.ie







ThE SHARE OF TDs in the new Dáil coming from the three main parties – Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour – is the lowest it has ever been.

And more than one third (36%) of the representation in our national parliament belongs to Sinn Féin, Independents and smaller parties.
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Dutch Government intends to start Shale gas winning from 2020

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Newsletter Schaliegasvrij Nederland (in Dutch)

NL milieudefensie

De schaliegasdraak lijkt voorlopig nog in zijn winterslaap te zitten.
Niets is minder waar!!
In Den Haag hebben ze ondertussen niet stilgezeten en gewerkt aan een landelijke structuurvisie ondergrond…….en…

Even niet goed opgelet, zodat RTV Oost alvast een kijkje kon nemen in de concept-Milieu Effect Rapportage en ons ook alvast laat meekijken uit welke richting de schaliegaswind kan gaan waaien!!

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Northern Ireland has NOT banned fracking

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Tanya Jones articleFor anyone under the impression that Northern Ireland has banned #fracking, it certainly has not. To understand what planning changes the Northern Irish Assembly DID make last September, please read this letter by Tanya Jones, a highly respected and well informed campaigner with a legal background based in Northern Ireland. Letter linked here http://www.greenlassie.com/tag/fracking/.

And a more detailed post here

Then check out what has been happening on the ground at


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Campaign to Support Right 2 Change Candidates supported by 58 global groups

It seems that John Perry (FG) contradict his previously stated written position on fracking at the Love Leitrim husting:
‘John Perry TD reinforced his ‘total opposition’ to fracking on the night. Clarity sought is still outstanding into a statement received prior to the meeting in which he said, “Until more scientific information becomes available as to the merits and demerits of fracking technology, I do not wish to commit to a specific pro or anti decision at this time.” ‘

Recently he signed the pledge to support a legislation to ban fracking
‘As a candidate for election to Dáil Éireann, I pledge that, if elected, I will actively support legislation to ban unconventional exploration or extraction of oil or gas and/or the use of high volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Ireland.
I make this pledge to support the health and safety of the people of Ireland, to address climate change by rejecting another source of fossil fuels, and to protect our international reputation for clean air, water and land, threatened by fracking.’

And last but not least, the government (FG, Labour) issued 14 new off shore licences!
to companies including oil majors Eni, Exxon and Statoil, allowing them to explore for hydrocarbons off the coast of Ireland.

These facts should be convincing that it is Right 2 Change NOW!
Our campaign  (an initiative from NO FRACKING IRELAND  and  Fracking Free Ireland) is supported by 57 global organisations

14 new off shore licenses issued in the dying days of a government

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14 new off shore licenses issued in the dying days of a government – sound familiar? ‪#‎fracking‬ 2011

As the election squabble sideshow grabs the headlines, ownership of Irish natural resources is being handed over to foreign corporations


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Grassroots Anti Fracking and Environmental Groups Call on People to Support Right 2 Change & Right 2 Water Candidates in General Election

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We the undersigned, believe that in order to achieve immediate action on climate change issues, including a ban on fracking in Ireland, that we should unite in supporting candidates involved in the Right 2 Change/Right 2 Water movement in the upcoming general election.

The political parties that have been in power for the duration of the last two governments, have proven to us, that when it comes to making decisions, between the good of the people and our environment versus the desires of huge corporations and undemocratic institutions, these parties have, time and time again, against the will of the people, chosen to facilitate the corporate world and undemocratic institutions. Continue reading

Fracking Matters Newsletter

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FMNFracking Matters Newsletter  – elections 2016 trust and truth

22 Feb 2016